Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Getting Started

As I have become obsessed with other's blogs, I thought would start my own. I am a sewing mama of four kids plus a handful of other critters (the 4 legged kind). I am also one of the luckiest woman around who found a wonderful guy when we were only 18 and will have been together for 20 this August. Yikes, did I just reveal my age? He doesn't quite get my craftiness but is incredibly supportive and rather marveled at what I can make. I regularly hear, "wow, you made that?" What more could a girl want? Okay, I can think of a few things ;-)

I try to sew everyday, it keeps me sane. I also enjoy many other crafty endeavors... these include beading, pmc, fused glass, mosaics, pottery...

Enough for now. Jen

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